GMS Parents
From the Head of School

Welcome to the GreenMount School. I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our school and share in the joy of our daily life - in classrooms, field trips, apprenticeships, theme events and more.

The school was established as a result of the determination of six adventurous and forward thinking parents who sought to create a truly creative and experiential educational experience for children in grades kindergarten to eight. Today the school is a fully accredited member of AIMS and our talented and dedicated faculty has created an educational program that is real world, multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, service oriented, and fun. GreenMount students gain a global perspective and community awareness through our theme-based curricula and Keystone Programs. A defining aspect of the GreenMount community is the commitment of parents to every child's educational journey through our extensive CO-OP program.

You can learn a lot about our school from these pages, but the best way to experience GreenMount, to feel and see the excitement, is to visit us. Join us for a Glimpse of GreenMount, experience history and world culture at a Culminating Theme Event, and become a part of our community.


Liz Dover Baker,
Head of School