GMS Parents

The Mission of The GreenMount School

Our mission is to provide a creative education for grades K through 8—emphasizing multicultural, cooperative, and experiential learning and supported by strong family participation.

Our Hallmarks

Below are the four hallmarks of The GreenMount School learning environment. Together, they create an educational approach that is academically challenging, real-world, multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, service-oriented, character-building, and creative.

Theme Studies

GreenMount students hone their skills in a range of disciplines to investigate three thematic topics a year. Recent themes have included "India," "Immigration, Industry, and Idealism: The Gilded Age in the U.S.," "Road to Revolution", "All the World's a Stage," "First Nations" and "From Caves to Canvas." Each theme culminates in a school-wide event produced and presented by the students.

Global and Community Awareness

GreenMount students learn the value of being able to understand, appreciate, and get along with people from other cultures and backgrounds. While this can be a lifetime's work, we move our students in this direction through cultural studies, character education, and community service. Eighth graders go on an Immersion Trip that takes them to the far reaches of the country or globe to fully explore another culture or environmental aspect.

Keystone Programs

GreenMount has several unique "Keystone Programs" that support our core academic mandates. These include Environmental Explorations which centers on ecological exploration and study. The program builds understanding and appreciation of the natural world through classroom time, hikes along a nearby creek, work in the school garden, environmental service projects, and overnight camping trips. Our seventh and eighth grade Apprenticeship Program pairs each student with local businesses or service organizations for one afternoon a week January through May. Other Keystone Programs include Service Learning, the Immersion Program, and Community Day.

Parent Cooperative

At The GreenMount School, parents are a vital part of the team. Beyond involvement with their own child's education, each parent contractually agrees to contribute at least forty hours a year to some aspect of school operations.