GMS Parents
About Us

The GreenMount School began as the dream child of six adventurous parents devoted to a model for child-centered education. Opening in 1993 as a one-room, church-basement parent co-op, GreenMount is now a thriving school community inhabiting the entire building and grounds of the former Wyman Park Recreation Center. We have nine grades, K-8, of wonderful students, a talented team of teachers and administrative staff, and a dedicated cadre of parent volunteers.

Our full-time teaching staff is augmented by an adjunct faculty that provides instruction in areas such as music, art, environmental and urban explorations, and physical education. Each year the curriculum is fashioned around three different theme-based programs. Each theme culminates in a school-wide event wherein the school and all its inhabitants are transported to another time or another place or another way of thinking about things.

At GreenMount, we currently consider full enrollment to be a total of around 116 students in grades K through 8. We fill our space nicely, but more to the point, we value the sense of belonging and the individual attention that is possible within a small community. At The GreenMount School, everyone gets to know everyone else.