GMS Parents
Co-Curricular Programs


An integrated arts program is an important part of the co-curricular programs offered at GreenMount. The program includes crafts, drawing, painting, sculpture, and a myriad of other media.

The curriculum includes introduction to the various art genres and periods and teaches common art vocabulary. Younger students are introduced to technical skills and concepts that make up the fundamentals of drawing, painting and working with clay. Opportunities are provided for improving tool handling and developing fine motor skills. Students gain experience in presentation of their own art and practice verbal expression of artistic ideas. Sketchbooks are used for artistic practice and personal exploration.

Older students work on 2 and 3-dimensional projects, including creating a portrait and building a city using perspective and landscape. By the end of 8th grade, students will have developed a personal portfolio and are able to formally present their own art.

Physical Education

The second part of the co-curricular program is Physical Education.

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." -John F. Kennedy

At GreenMount School, students are given the opportunity to practice basic motor skills and learn how to play organized sports in an environment that connects the idea of physical fitness with fun. An emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and activities that provide a positive experience for the students. Students participate in age-appropriate sports and activities and learn the rules and structures for formal team sports. Cardiovascular and muscular development activities progress with the age of the student.


The third component of our co-curricular program is the Music program. Sound, theater and visual art are integrated through music into the theme studies program.

Students are taught the different instrument families, musical terminology, music genres, and basic music skills. They learn how to read music, how to sing in harmony, and to incorporate movement with music. Students develop recognition of various songwriters and composers. As an important component of the theme event, all students participate in musical performances including singing and experience playing a musical instrument.