GMS Parents
Program Philosophy


Literacy and communication are key program tenets across discipline and grade-level. Social studies, reading, writing, and the visual and performing arts are integrated into thematic units that are multi-cultural and creative. Math and science instruction use hands-on applications (and manipulatives) to develop conceptual understanding.

Curricular programs expand school-wide, beyond the classroom through field trips and community service. Special emphasis is given to real-world learning for our students in courses such as our Keystone Programs: Explorations, Apprenticeships, and International Travel.


Students challenged to do their best in a supportive and nurturing environment develop high self-esteem. Teaching is differentiated and made developmentally appropriate as a way to support academic success for every child in every classroom. Cooperation and partnership, experiential learning, and authentic tasks are program hallmarks. Multiple intelligence theory and progressive developmental ideals support varied learning styles.


Peer partnerships that transcend traditional grade, performance, and ability levels reap educational, personal, and interpersonal rewards. At GMS, students are grouped in heterogeneous, inclusive, and multi-aged classrooms. A strong, developmentally appropriate work ethic is required across ability and age groupings.