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Arts Curriculum

Visual Art

An integrated visual arts program is an important part of a GreenMount education. The program includes drawing, painting, and sculpture using both traditional media and found or created objects. The curriculum includes introduction to the various art genres and periods and teaches common art vocabulary. Younger students are introduced to technical skills and concepts that make up the fundamentals of drawing, painting and working with clay. Opportunities are provided for improving tool handling and developing fine motor skills. Students gain experience in presentation of their own art and practice verbal expression of artistic ideas. Sketchbooks are used for artistic practice and personal exploration.

Older students work on 2 and 3-dimensional projects, including portraiture and building a architectural models. By the end of 8th grade, students will have developed a personal portfolio and are able to formally present their own art.

From 2003-2016 one third of GreenMount graduates were accepted to the Baltimore School for the Arts.

Performing Arts

Public speaking and performance are fully integrated into the GreenMount experience through preparation for Theme Events. Three times each year students are engaged in research, script-writing, and presentation of their original, small-scale productions. Particular attention is focused on each child, confidence-building, and their process in effective internalization of information and communication.

Students have additional performing arts opportunities through our ECHOES programs.


The GreenMount School music department recognizes and values the innate musical ability within each child and strives to cultivate a lifelong love of music. Our music curriculum is an integral part of the academic program and provides each child with the potentiality for musical expression. Students are encouraged and supported in discovering their musical abilities and unique talents.