GMS Parents

GreenMount School's ECHOES program extends the day after class, but also extends the philosophy into a varied program of enrichment.

What does a typical day at ECHOES look like?

We offer time to finish homework as well as outdoor activity, free time, and a snack. Each Friday includes a special project/experiment.

We use the gym and its stage, the playground and garden, the computer lab, and even the kitchen. Students are joined by community members who lead activities, guest speakers and performers, and middle-school students who rotate as counselors-in-training.

What are the hours?

ECHOES operates Monday-Thursday from 3:30-6:00 pm, and Friday noon-6:00 pm. The program also operates on professional-development days (8 am-5:30 pm) and parent-teacher conference days (noon-6 pm).

Are lessons and tutoring offered?

They are, as available. Parent and community volunteers lead after-school enrichment activities (for example, Running Club, Game Club, Shakespeare Club, Chess Club). Enrichment-activity fees are $25, and parents can earn co-op hours through participating.

We also offer private classes (e.g. instrumental music) and tutoring, as available, for a separate fee.

Please contact Laura Marisco via to volunteer, or for more information.

Can my child participate occasionally?

Yes. As long as he or she is registered, your child can drop in at the last minute, or you can sign-up for specific days in advance.

Can my child attend ECHOES while I complete CO-OP hours in the building or attend parent-teacher conferences?

Yes. As long as he or she is registered, your child can attend at no cost while you complete hours on the premises or during your parent/teacher conference.

How much does ECHOES cost?

The annual registration fee is $35.

  • Five days: $275 per month
  • Four days (excluding Friday): $210 per month
  • Three days (excluding Friday): $160 per month
  • Two days (excluding Friday): $120 per month
  • One day (excluding Friday): $60 per month
  • Friday add-on: $125 per month
  • Friday afternoons: $35 per day
  • Professional-development days: $60 per day

Please note that you will be charged for what you register for (which can be changed, if need be), not for what you use. Please notify Laura for vacation rate at least two weeks in advance.