GMS Parents

Our Philosophy

We see our school as a diverse community where:

  • Children are given the space and time to learn and the encouragement to succeed.
  • Students develop academic, behavioral, and personal tools that enable them to thrive in different environments. The curriculum is connected to or grounded in real life experiences.
  • It is creative, multi-cultural, community-based, and centered on experiential learning through thematic curricula.

GreenMount students develop tools and strategies that enable them to succeed just about anywhere.

Starting from a firm foundation in language arts, math, and science, our students are challenged to apply their skills within multidisciplinary, real-world activities. They learn how to draw on what they already know, plan ahead for complex projects, conduct research, sort out differing viewpoints, and work responsibly within a team. Best of all, perhaps, they learn to trust in their own abilities and resourcefulness.

GreenMount students are part of a small, but diverse community.

We are a small school. Teachers get a chance to really know the students, and the students get to know and learn from each other. Students frequently work in mixed-age and mixed-ability groups. On Fridays, all the students get together to work on a project with their "buddies" that is often theme-related. Kindergarteners are paired with eighth graders, first graders are paired with seventh graders, and so on. At GreenMount, we see every day as an opportunity to learn about patience, compromise, respect, and mutual understanding.

We recognize that each child learns differently.

At The GreenMount School, teachers adapt their instructional methods to the varying aptitudes, developmental stages, and learning styles of the children in their classroom.

GreenMount students are empowered to make good decisions about themselves and their learning process.

Making good choices and accepting personal responsibility are interwoven into the GreenMount curriculum. Students are challenged to reflect on their own behavior, acknowledge their own strengths and opportunities for growth, and recognize the power of their words and actions. We also encourage students to share with each other how they are learning and the strategies that they have found to be successful.

Parent involvement underpins every child's success in the classroom.

We see our students' families as vital partners in the educational process. Parent involvement at home and at school supports the instructional program directly, and it also sends a clear message to students about the value of education.

Education is more than schoolwork.

Learning becomes more meaningful for children when they can connect their in-school and out-of-school experiences. GreenMount seeks to help students join in the life of the community through field trips, community service, middle-school apprenticeships, visiting artists and experts, and (for eighth-graders) the Immersion Trip.